Sunday, 29 March 2015

Online Identity Crisis

A digital presence and online identity
Showing the world what I want them to see of me
Always be positive
Cover the flaws
Or speak with abstraction
As if they’re not yours
I give my opinion and express my views
Post environmental articles and tech news
A record of likes is there to see
But is all of this what makes me, me?
What’s underneath? Who’s thinking these things?
Am I just copying what my newsfeed brings?
I’d like to think there’s something more
Its just a positive reflection of what I stand for
But something bugs me as I share with everyone and no-one
That I’m moving further away from a life with someone
Content with surface relationships, far away
Local society has had its day
I miss the connection of a friendly neighbor
Who’ll be there whether or not he’s called for
Emotions are raw, and happening now
And someone just being there can help somehow
Comments can’t be deleted, or taken back

But to really experience, I think we need that

Thursday, 19 March 2015


For years I’ve been trying
to find my independence
practice love without attachment
need no other to make me happy

And finally I’ve found it
Carved a path like no other
With no one to hold me back
As I pursue my goals

But this path is so unique
It gets lonely always moving
Tiring to start again
Each step that I take

Now that I want someone to share it
How can I ask them to join me?
Divert their own path
To follow my dreams

I need it to be
Their path as well as mine
Shared goals and ambitions
As we try to create a life

But my path is so unique
To find another on it
That’s not just temporary
Seems so hard …

Will I find it?

I’ll wait and see